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Headstone Cleaning and Restoration


Headstone Restoration

Restoration of Headstones & Grave Surrounds


  • Some lighter coloured granites, Limestones and marbles are more prone to discoloration over time, these types of stones can be completely restored to their original colour by our stone masons.
  • Depending on the type of stone your memorial is made from a special grade of abrasive is selected to restore your headstone and grave surround which will not erode or damage the structure of the stone.
  • All lettering will be repainted or touched up where necessary. In some cases the lettering may need to be engraved deeper into the stone, which can be done on site by our stone masons.
  • After your headstones and Headstone Surrounds have been fully cleaned a special stain proof sealer can be applied to the stone. This sealer is specially formulated to protect against the staining of stone outdoors and also enhances the true colour of your memorial.

Grave Cleaning & Maintenance


  • Depending on how the inside of your grave plot is finished, our stone masons will leave clean and apply any necessay work that may be required in this area.
  • If your grave plot is finished with stone or glass chippings we would recommend a light skim of concrete to be applied to the inside of the grave beforehand. This leaves the inside of the grave with a good even surface and makes it much easier to maintain.
  • Stone and glass chippings can be washed clean and reapplied to the inside of the grave if required or you can choose from our exclusive selection of Chippings for Graves, which are available in different colors and sizes.
  • If the inside of your grave is finished with Peat Moss we would recommend the entire area to be covered with Plantex first to prevent any weed growth coming through. A good Quality Black Peat Moss for Graves and realistic Imitation Grass for Graves can be supplied if required.
Headstone Restoration Headstone Cleaning

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