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Guide to purchasing a headstone on the internet

When you buy headstone online there are so many choices in designs, colours, and wording. So where does one begin with buying a headstone online?  At Treanor Stone-Tec we will guide you during each step of the process. From your initial consolation with us, to completion in your cemetery we can bring your loved ones precious memories to life and together help celebrate a life well lived, with a timeless tribute carved from stone.

In a way we don’t really sell headstones at all…  we just give shape and form to a families love.
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Why buy a gravestone from us online?

For the most part, buying a headstone online can seem a little challenging for our customers. By and large, a family’s initial concern is making sure they are dealing with a reputable headstone supplier. After all, to buy headstone online can be a big investment, and having confidence and trust in the people you deal with is fundamental before placing an order. With this in mind, Treanor Stone-Tec is a memorial company with 41 years experience of in caring for our customer’s needs. With your insight and our guiding hand, we can help you honor the memory of your loved one with the finest quality headstone or memorial plaque at an affordable price. Above all, experience has taught us that understanding our customers’ concerns and meeting their expectations is first and foremost in our business

How to buy a Gravestone on the Internet

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Before buying a headstone online

Ultimately, there are several factors to take into consideration before buying your headstone online. Even though a lot of cemeteries have their own gravestone suppliers, it’s important to realize that you can choose which headstone supplier to use. Together with a comprehensive customer support and an exceptional  installation service, Treanor Stone-Tec will be with you every step of the way. With this intention, we have listed four key points to take into consideration before you buy headstone online.


Cemetery Regulations

Most cemeteries have specific limitations on what can and cannot be erected within the confines of their grounds. As an illustration, there may be certain height and surround limitations which need to be adhered too. In the event that your cemetery authorities need a permit your headstone supplier will also apply for this on your behalf. In the same fashion, we will check your cemeteries regulations, making sure everything is in compliance before purchasing your headstone on the internet.


Headstone Prices

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest concerns for most people when purchasing a headstone online is the cost. In general, headstones with carvings and statues tend to be the most expensive, while plainer designs are usually less expensive. Given these points, we recommend you select a few different headstone styles for pricing which you can then compare. Afterwards, when you receive your headstone prices you’ll have a better idea of which headstone design best fits your budget.


Material & Maintenance

Without reservation, granite remains the no1 choice for almost all headstone designs. While marble, limestone, and slate are still used for present-day headstones they are prone to delamination over time. Presently, our headstones can be bought online in 4 popular granite’s which are displayed in our galleries below. For the most part, granite headstones have a highly polished finish which requires little or no maintenance to keep in prime condition. By comparison, headstones with a natural stone finish such as our rustic headstones will need cleaning annually to prevent the build-up of algae on their outer perimeter.


Headstone Personalization

.When buying your headstone online we take all relevant information regarding its customization. Later during our consultation, a real-time proof of your selected gravestone is sent to you showing the finished layout of your personalized headstone. With this in mind, an extensive range of headstone fonts and images are available to choose from. In addition, ceramic photos for headstones or laser etched images can also be adapted to your headstone. Finally and most importantly, our staff will assist and advise you before buy headstone online, helping you create a fitting commemoration for your loved one’s final place of rest.

Online Headstones

To begin with, select your preferred headstone designs from the categories listed in our gallery below. After that, complete our Headstone Prices Contact Form to receive prices for your selected headstones. Subsequently, headstone inscriptions, images and photographs can be uniquely personalized upon request.

Angel Headstones

Angels carved from stone

Book Headstones

Book shaped memorials

Children's Headstones

Headstones for young children

Contemporary Headstones

Modern and present day memorials

The Gates of Heaven

Complemented with a variety of statues

Headstone Scrolls

Page scroll shaped memorials

Irish Headstones

Celtic cross & Irish style memorials

Rustic Heasdtones

Naturally rough cut memorials

Traditional Headstones

Traditional Irish cemetery memorials
Crafted with care and understanding

At Treanor Stone-Tec we craft each individual headstone with the special care that only 41 years of experience can bring. Additionally, grave accessories like our memorial plaques, lights for graves, and grave flower vases can all be personalized to help complement your gravestone. With your insight and our support, we aim to help you honor the memory of your loved one with the finest quality memorial at an affordable price. You can call a member of our staff or complete our contact form below for any questions or pricing inquiries.

Rachel, Jimmy, Glen and all our team.

Select a headstone, personalize it and receive your price

To receive a price for any of our tombstones, simply fill out our gravestone prices contact form. Please include the reference number shown below the memorial along with your preferred color, number of names to be engraved, and state whether you require a matching grave surround for your tombstone. Please add any extra details along with a short message and our team will get back to you within 24 hours with your price.

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