“The grave is but the threshold of eternity. What a world were this, how unendurable its weight, if they whom death hath sundered, did not meet again.”

Robert Southey (1744-1843)

A personal piece of your remembrance

Treanor Stone-Tec offers a distinctly personal service to each of our valued customers. From initial consultation through to design and completion in your cemetery, our gravestones and memorial plaques become a personal piece of your remembrance… forever engraved in stone.

Gravestones Ireland


Gravestones UK


We have divided our gravestone memorials into nine different categories. All gravestones are available in different granite colors and sizes can be modified to meet your needs. Similarly, engravings, statues, and ceramic photos for headstones can be uniquely personalized. Simply select your preferred model and fill out our headstone prices contact form to receive your free quote.

Hand-Carved Angels

Angels carved from stone

Book Memorials

Book shaped gravestones

Children's Memorials

Gravestone for young children

Contemporary Tombstones

Modern and present day memorials

The Gates of Heaven

Complemented with a variety of statues

Memorial Scrolls

Page scroll-shaped memorials

Irish Gravestones

Celtic cross & Irish style memorials

Rustic Tombstone

Naturally rough cut memorials

Traditional Gravestone

Traditional Irish cemetery memorials
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Gravestones Ireland and UK
Crafted with care and understanding

At Treanor Stone-Tec we craft each individual gravestone with the special care that only 41 years of experience can bring. Our customer support team will ensure you receive the best possible information regarding any inquiries you have. With your insight and our support, we aim to help you honor the memory of your loved one with the finest headstones and grave plaques at an affordable price. You can call a member of our staff or complete our contact form below for any questions or pricing inquiries. Thank you for visiting us.

Rachel, Jimmy, Glen and all our team.
gravestones UK and Ireland

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To receive a price for any of our tombstones, simply fill out our gravestone prices contact form. Please include the reference number shown below the memorial along with your preferred color, number of names to be engraved, and state whether you require a matching grave surround for your tombstone. Please add any extra details along with a short message and our team will get back to you within 24 hours with your price.

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