Solar Lights for Gravesite

Solar Lights for Gravesite


  • Comes with bronze or white exterior finish.
  • Solar light unit radiates a flashing red light.
  • Made from stainless materials for outdoors.
  • Granite base comes in 4 popular colours.
  • Personalise with your own inscriptions.
  • UK & Ireland 5 day delivery. Others 10 days.
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Solar lights for gravesite

As can be seen, our solar lights for gravesite have a granite base fixed to their base. For this reason, our sunlight energised grave lamps are kept dirt-free while placed by the grave. Because of the personalised inscriptions engraved on the granite block, your solar-powered grave lights are kept safe from a security viewpoint. In fact, all our lights for graves, including our personalised memorial solar lanterns come with this added feature. Not to mention, you can also select your preferred base colour to match your existing headstone.

Available in a white or bronze finish, our sun-powered headstone lights are made in Italy and come with a lifetime guarantee. Without reservation, the best solar memorial lights on the market today are Italian-made and are guaranteed to last. For example, our solar lights for graveside are constructed with 4 toughened glass windows. Additionally, all the graveside lanterns components are made from stainless materials, while the solar panel itself is sealed water-tight so no rainwater can penetrate inside.

How sun-powered headstone lights work

In effect, sunlight energised grave lamps work by generating power from sunlight. So whenever the daylight penetrates the solar panel located on the top of the lantern, your sun-powered headstone lights begin to illuminate. Additionally, this sunlight also generates electricity which is then stored in the two solar light batteries, located inside the light unit. So when nightfall arrives, your solar-powered grave lights continue to light-up due to the energy stored in the rechargeable voltaic batteries from that day’s sunlight.

Although this seems like a very simple process there are many factors that may hinder this procedure. Firstly, in order to operate through the night, solar lights for gravesite need 9 hours of good sunlight to work properly. In reality, this is rarely the case in Ireland and the UK, especially during our short winter days. In fact, during the month of January with restricted sunlight hours, your sunlight energised grave lamps will not operate throughout the night. At best your lights for graves will only produce 2 to 3 hours of night light radiance.

How long do solar-powered grave lights last?

Although solar lights for graveside have more complex design elements than a candle light for cemetery, both our battery and sun-powered headstone lights are built to last for generations. Above all, the best solar memorial lights will require some upkeep to make sure they perform as intended. Firstly, the actual battery unit containing the rechargeable batteries is only designed to hold 1000 charges. That is to say, after 3 years our personalised solar memorial lanterns will require a new battery unit costing €40/£35.

Secondly, the life of our best solar memorial lights will also depend on how well they are maintained. For example, the solar panel on top of our solar-powered grave lights should be kept clean in order for the light to operate correctly. And thirdly, in order to extend the life of your personalised solar memorial lanterns, we advise switching the battery unit off when snow or icy conditions are forecasted. Under those circumstances, simply set the battery to an off position which will extend the life of your solar lights for graveside.


Pros and Cons of solar lights for graveside

As has been noted, solar-powered grave lights will keep your graveside illuminated with light, provided they are well looked after. And whilst we cannot guarantee your lights for graves will function to their capacity every night, you can be sure you’ll have the best solar memorial lights found anywhere for Irish and UK climates. With this in mind, please see below some advantages and disadvantages of our sun-powered headstone lights, which will help you make a more informed decision before purchasing.


  • Operate to their full capacity in Ireland and the UK during the summer.


  • Radiates a dimmer light when compared to grave lamps with batteries.
  • In general, the best solar memorial lights are expensive to purchase.
  • Limited sunlight, especially in winter means fewer night working hours.
  • For best results, the main solar panel on top should be cleaned regularly.
  • Broken and damaged parts or internal workings can be expensive to fix.
  • After 3 years the rechargeable batteries will no longer hold their charge.
  • A new battery unit costing €40/£35 should be replaced every 3 years.

As can be seen, the disadvantages of personalised memorial solar lanterns are many, especially when compared to battery-operated eternal lights for graves. However, it’s important to remember that you will also need to change the batteries on battery-powered graveside lamps, which also have an additional cost involved. In particular, our graveside lights which cost €220/£200, run continuously on one single battery unit for one year. By the same token, this new battery unit also costs the same as the unit on our sunlight energised grave lamps – €40/£35.

Personalised memorial solar lanterns – aftercare

Because our solar-powered grave lights are elevated by their granite base, they are kept relatively dirt-free on your grave. However, compared to our candle light for cemetery, personalised memorial solar lanterns will require regular maintenance to keep them functioning properly. First of all, make sure to check the solar panel on our solar lights for gravesite every couple of months to ensure it is clean and still receiving sunlight. Regular cleaning of the solar panel allows our sunlight energised grave lamps to produce a maximum amount of energy, resulting in longer hours of illumination.

Secondly, it is also good practice to switch off the battery unit when there are long periods of bad weather conditions forecasted. For example, hail and snow storms will cover the solar panel on top of your sun-powered headstone lights which prevents them from working. Thus, it is best practice to place the battery unit to an off position which will also help extend the lifetime of your solar lights for graveside. And finally, the outer bronze or white finish on your graveside lanterns can be easily cleaned with a soft damp cloth if needed.

Sunlight energised grave lamps – shipping

As soon as your sun-powered headstone lights are finished they are shipped to your address. No matter where in the world you are from shipping our graveside lights is fast and reliable to your destination. Additionally, our solar lights for graveside are packed in corrugated boxes and insured for their journey. In particular, the main light unit is packed in a separate box, keeping it and your personalised memorial solar lanterns safe during transportation.

Equally important, whenever your solar-powered grave lights have been collected by courier you will be emailed a tracking number to follow your package. On average, delivering lights for graves to anywhere in Ireland and the UK takes 3 working days. While other countries like the USA and Australia can take anywhere from 10 to 15 days for transportation. Given these points, it’s important to remember our sunlight energised grave lamps will be hand-delivered to your front door, and in perfect working order.

Delivery times

  • Ireland & UK: 5 working days
  • USA, CAN, EUR: 10 working days
  • AUS & N.Z: 15 working days

Delivery Prices:

  • Ireland: €35
  • United Kingdom: £32
  • United States: $118
  • Canada: $155
  • Europe: €100
  • Australia: $180
  • New Zealand: $196

Returning best solar memorial lights

In the event that you are not completely satisfied with our solar lights for graveside please contact us as soon as possible. In detail, please explain the reason for your returning your solar lantern and if possible send us a photo of any damage or defects which may have occurred. In the final analysis, you will be asked to return your solar or battery operated eternal lights for graves within 14 days. In any event, whenever we receive your return a full refund will then be issued to your account. In this situation, please remember it may take anywhere from 2 to 5 days before the payment transfer is completed.

For more information on returning our best solar memorial lights please see our delivery and returns section below this page. In like fashion, please do not hesitate to call a member of staff for any additional queries regarding our solar lights for graveside, thank you.


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