Music Memorial Plaques for Headstones

Music Memorial Plaques | 100% Hand-Made from Granite

Our musical themed gravestones and plaques are a fitting tribute to a loved one who had a special devotion to music during their lives. Music gravestones and in particular music memorial plaques each have a musical image associated with them. For example, our guitar grave plaque would be especially fitting for a guitarist. In a similar fashion, our violin memorial gift would also be an appropriate memorial for a violinist. Grave plaques and gravestones with musical notes can also signify your loved one’s fondness of listening to music during their lives. With this in mind, music symbols for gravestones and memorial plaques have a near-magical ability to penetrate through our sadness and help us recall happier times shared together.

Music Quotes for headstones and plaques

As can be seen, each music memorial plaque displays music quotes for headstones. In particular, your own personal memorial poems can also be adapted to your musical themed headstones or plaque. For the most part, music quotes for gravestones are kept relatively short and are personalised along with names and dates. Together with music symbols for gravestones your personal inscriptions are engraved to granite and hand-painted with weather-resistant paints. As a result, our memorial plaques are guaranteed to stand the test of time and come with a unique lifetime guarantee. In addition, music themed gravestones also come with a stand securely fixed to the back allowing your memorial to rest at an angle when in position.

Select a music headstone below, personalise it and buy online

In order to place an order, select any of our gravestones with music notes and images. Then, enter your own personal tribute or music quotes for headstones, along with your loved one’s name and dates. Additionally, upload any instrument or music symbols you would like adopted to your music themed gravestone and then buy online. After we receive your order a preview of your music memorial plaque will be sent for your confirmation. Above all, if you can’t find the music headstone you need contact for help and advice. Thank you.

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