Brother and Sister Memorial Plaques

Brother and Sister Memorial Plaques

Above all, our brother and sister memorial plaques are made from granite for outdoor use. In addition, each family member grave plaque is engraved with weather-resistant paint. As a result, your plaque is assured to stand the test of time and comes with a lifetime guarantee. What’s more, our brother grave ornaments and sister memorial gifts are all freestanding. That is to say, our grave plaques come with a stand securely fixed to the back, so they rest safely when placed by the graveside.

Sister & brother funeral poems

As can be seen, each family member grave plaque below has sister & brother funeral poems engraved. In general, a short headstone epitaph along with your loved one’s name and dates is most commonly engraved. Similarly, a memorial poem for family members or your own sister & brother funeral poems can be engraved if you prefer. To that end, simply select one of our brothers or sisters graveside gifts and enter your inscription. Then, after we receive your order a proof showing your new wording will be sent for your approval.

Sister memorial gifts

As an illustration, we have displayed some unique designs for our sister memorial gifts. In particular, our heart-shaped memorial plaques for graves can have a ceramic photo added. In a similar fashion, your sister’s photo can also be laser-engraved to your family member grave plaque. In like manner, your own personal images can be engraved alongside your sister & brother funeral poems if needed. In order to submit an image simply upload it when placing your order and a proof will be sent afterwards for your confirmation.

Brother grave ornaments

In a similar fashion, our brother grave ornaments can also be engraved with photographs and images. For example, if your brother was a keen football enthusiast during his life, then a football-themed image would be very appropriate. By the same token, brother grave ornaments with musical instruments are also very popular memorial gifts for a grave. Given these points, both our brother and sister memorial gifts can be personalised as you wish. In effect, just select a plaque design and customize it as required.

Customizing your family member grave plaque

In order to personalise your memorial gift, firstly select your preferred plaque design below. Secondly, enter your wording or any sister & brother funeral poems you choose. Thirdly, upload a photograph or any special image. Finally, when we receive your order a preview of your family member grave plaque will be sent for your approval. In any event, if you need advice before ordering please, email for help.

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