Memorial Plaques for Graves

“Those who in living fill the smallest space, in death have often left the greatest void” – W.S. Lander (1775-1864)

Memorial Plaques for Graves

Remembering our loved ones gone before us with memorial plaques for graves helps us preserve and honor their memory. In particular, personalized granite remembrance gifts help us commemorate those gone before us and celebrate their lives. With your insight and our guiding hand, we can bring those special memories to life and together help celebrate a life well-lived, with a custom-made graveside plaque to last forever.

Granite Grave Stone Plaques

Above all, our personalised granite remembrance gifts are built to stand the test of time. Unlike other materials, granite grave memorials will withstand all outdoor climates, making them great ideas for cemetery plaques. In like fashion, our grave markers for outdoors contain grave plaque wording examples, engraved with weather-resistant paints. Given these points, our memorial plaques for graves are guaranteed to last many generations and come with a lifetime guarantee. In addition, our granite grave memorials are free-standing with a stand secured to the back, so they rest safely at your loved one’s burial place.

Memorials personalised with care

It must be remembered that your grave stone plaque can be customized to suit your needs. What’s more, our personalised graveside plaques can be custom-made with your own wording and images at no extra cost. Similarly, a photo of your loved one can also be added to your grave stone plaque. Simply enter your wording and upload a photo and afterwards, a proof of your personalised graveside plaque will be sent for your approval. Together with your own personal incorporations, our grave markers for outdoors are the best ideas for cemetery plaques, which will be admired for generations to come.

Select a category and customize your plaque

All plaques can be customized with your own wording and photo. After we receive your order a preview will be sent for your approval. Ireland and the UK delivery time is 5 working days.

Mother ideas for cemetery plaques

Portrait Plaque with Photo

Personalised graveside plaques with laser-engraved and ceramic photos. Choose a plaque design and customize it with your own photograph and inscriptions.

Portrait Plaquette from €220.00

Personalised granite remembrance gifts for Children and Infants

Baby/Children Remembrance

Personalised granite remembrance gifts for infants and children. Select your preferred size and granite colour. Customise with your own wording and photo.

Baby/Children Plaquette from €185.00

Father grave markers for outdoors

Father/Grandfather Tributes

Granite grave memorials for a father or Grandfather. Choose a size and colour and tailor with your own memorial verse, personal wording and photographs.

Father/Granda Plaquette from €185.00

Mother and Grandmother ideas for cemetery plaques

Mother/Grandmother Plaque

Granite grave markers for outdoors for a Mother or Grandmother. Use one of our existing templets or create your own personalised graveside plaque.

Mother/Grandma Plaquette from €185.00

Personalised Grave Ornaments for a Wife or Husband

Husband/Wife Remembrance

Commemoration ideas for cemetery plaques for a husband or wife. Photos and grave plaque wording examples can be personalised to suit your loved one.

Husband/Wife Plaquette from €185.00

Brother or Sister Personalized Graveside Plaques

Brother/Sister Memorials

Brother and sister ideas for cemetery plaques with laser-etched and ceramic photos. Choose your preferred design, select a granite colour and personalise.

Brother/Sister Plaquette from €185.00

GAA Hurling Grave Stone Plaque for a boyfriend or girlfriend

Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tribute

Grave stone plaque for a deceased boyfriend or girlfriend. Customise with our grave plaque wording examples, your own memorial verses and photographs.

Boy/Girlfriend Plaquette from €185.00

Granite grave memorials for a best friend

Best Friend Commemoration

Personalised granite remembrance gifts for deceased best friends. Use one of our existing grave plaque wording examples or create your own unique memorial.

Best Friend Plaquette from €185.00

Memorial Plaques for Graves with Music Instrument - violin

Music Themed Remembrance

Music themed granite grave memorials with instruments for a loved one who had a special devotion to music. Upload your own instrument and add your personal wording.

Music Themed Plaquette from €185.00

Grave Plaque wording examples for a footballer or soccer player

Sports Themed Memorials

Sports grave markers for outdoors especially designed for a much-loved sports enthusiast. Upload your own sports image or photo and personalise as you need.

Sports Plaquette from €185.00

Heart-shaped ideas for cemetery plaques

Heart-Shaped Commemorative

Heart-shaped remembrance gifts with images, photographs and memorial verses. Select your preferred granite colour and size and personalize as required.

Heart-Shaped Plaquette from €220

Pet and Dog Memorial Plaques made from Granite for outdoors

Dog and Pet Memorials

Specially designed pet memorials made from Granite for a much-loved companion. Customize with your own pet’s photograph and enter a short inscription.

Pet and Dog Plaquettes from €250

What to write on a memorial plaque

To help you decide on an inscription for your loved, you can view the wording examples on each grave plaque displayed on our website. When you have decided on a verse you like, simply enter the wording when making your purchase and we’ll send you a plaque proof for your approval afterwards. Alternatively, you can enter your own personal inscriptions, poems, or verses, but please remember to keep your wording relatively short, as per our grave plaques displayed. The more words in your inscriptions, the smaller the font size becomes, making the writing a little more difficult to read. With this in mind, and no matter what wording you decide upon our design team will send you a preview of your inscriptions before engraving, making sure your you are happy with everything before engraving commences.

Ideas for Grave Plaque Wording

To begin with, each grave stone plaque is shown with inscriptions. In general, these grave plaque wording examples show the layout and style of the writing. As well as memorial verses a selection of headstone epitaphs and other grave plaque messages can also be engraved to our granite grave memorials. In a similar fashion, grave plaque wording examples such as life quotes and poems about death can each be personalised to our memorial plaques for graves. In particular, we advise personalizing our grave markers for outdoors with names for security purposes. To that end, personalised granite commemoration gifts with names and photos are important aspects to take into account before purchasing.

Custom-made Commemoration Gifts

For the most part, ideas for cemetery plaques such as personalised granite commemoration gifts help us remember and pay tribute to our loved one’s life. Personalising their memorial is not only extra special, but can be therapeutic in helping with your grieving process. In essence, there are endless grave plaque wording examples and ideas for cemetery plaques. Although this may be true, many of us struggle to find the right memorial which communicates our empathy and love. With this purpose in mind, we encourage you to reach out to us for advice or help. With over 40 years’ experience, we are here to help you honour the memory of your loved one with the finest quality memorial at an affordable price.

Made from Granite to last forever

As I have noted, our memorial plaques for graves are made from granite and come with a lifetime guarantee. In essence, granite is the toughest material for grave markers for outdoors.  For one thing, granite has been proven to withstand severe weather conditions. And as a result, personalised granite remembrance gifts make outstanding ideas for cemetery plaques. What’s more, almost all our granite grave memorials come in four colours to help you match your existing gravestone. Not to mention, a variety of plaque designs are also available for your personalised graveside plaque. Together with wording and images engraved with weather-resistant paints your grave stone plaque is guaranteed to last.

Maintaining your ourdoor Grave Markers

By and large, polished granite memorials require little or no maintenance to keep them in prime condition. Because of their highly polished finish, the outdoor elements can easily be cleaned from a grave stone plaque. In order to clean our grave markers for outdoors, we recommend using some warm soapy water and a soft cloth to wash away any dirt. It must be remembered some household cleaners that contain chemicals that can stain certain granites. With this in mind, always use a mild soap when cleaning your personalised graveside plaque.

Unlike polished granite grave memorials, rustic granites will require annual maintenance to keep them clean. Because of their natural finish algae tends to gather on their surface. As a result, we recommend brushing the rustic area on our memorial plaques for graves using warm soapy water, at least once each year. Therefore keeping your rustic grave stone plaque clean and algae-free. It is equally important to remember that any areas containing inscriptions should only be lightly cleaned with a damp cloth, as brushing may remove their paint.

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