Pet Memorials

Our Pet Memorials are shown here made from polished black granite with a natural chiseled outer edge finish. Your own pet’s image is etched to the granite along with a name, dates and maybe a short memorial verse if required. Ceramic photos can also be fixed to our pet memorials if you prefer a colored image to be shown. More examples of animal headstones and memorials can be viewed along with a selection of fonts to help complement our pet memorials. More memorials will be displayed here soon….

Affenpinscher Memorial

Affenpinscher Memorial

American Cocker Spaniel Memorial

Australian Terrier Memorial

Basset Hound Memorial

Beagle Memorial

Bearded Collie Memorial

Bedlington Terrier Memorial

Bichon Frise Memorial

Border Collie Memorial

Border Terrier Memorial

Boxer Dog Memorial

British Bulldog Memorial

Brittany Spaniel Memorial

Bull Terrier Memorial

Cairn Terrier Memorial

Cavalier King Charles Memorial

Chihuahua Memorial

Chinese Crested Memorial

Clumber Spaniel Memorial

Cocker Spaniel Memorial

Corgi Memorial

Dachshund Memorial

Dalmatian Memorial

Fox Terrier Memorial

Glen of Imaal Terrier Memorial

Husky Memorial

Irish Red Setter Memorial

Irish Water Spaniel Memorial

Jack Russell Terrier Memorial

Japanese Spitz Memorial

Kerry Blue Terrier Memorial

Lakeland Terrier Memorial

Lhasa Apso Memorial

Maltese Terrier Memorial

Miniature Poodle Memorial

Norfolk Terrier Memorial

Norwegian Elkhound Memorial

Papillion Memorial

Pug Dog Memorial

Rough Collie Memorial

Shih Tzu Memorial

West Highland Terrier Memorial

Yorkshire Terrier Memorial

Shih Tzu Memorial

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