Gravestones by Treanor Stone-Tec

We have divided our gravestones into different categories to make searching for a particular headstone a little easier. A memorial verse has been added to each headstone below which can be changed along with a selection of fonts to complement our gravestones. The images and statues can also be changed to your own preferred choice. Click on the link below our gravestones to take you into each category where you will find a wider selection of each style.

Gates Of Heaven Headstones
Irish Headstones

Gates of Heaven Headstones

Gates of Heaven Headstones with statues

Irish Style Headstones

Irish Style Headstones and Celtic Cross Headstones

Headstone Scrolls
Rustic Headstones

Scroll Headstones

Scroll Headstones with carvings and designs

Rustic Headstones

Naturally finished Rustic Cut Headstones

Children's Headstones
Book Headstones

Children's Headstones

Children’s Headstones with carvings, statues and designs

Book Headstones

Book Headstones with or without Book Surrounds

Traditional Headstones
Contemporary Headstones

Traditional Headstones

Traditional Irish Headstones and Gravestones

Contemporary Headstones

Contemporary Irish Memorial Headstones

Memorial Verses for Gravestones

We have a new list of verses, poems, prayers, quotations & proverbs that can all be used as part of the inscription for your gravestone or memorial. You can choose your own verse or make your selection from our Memorial Verses to help you decide on an appropriate inscription.

Images to complement your Memorials

On some of our gravestones we have etched Images, for example Our Lady of Lourdes is etched on the traditional headstone shown above. We can apply any of our Sacred Images in Stone to nearly all our headstones if required. Your own personal image can be engraved or you can select from our wide range of Headstone Images to complement your memorial.

Memorial Graveside Statues

A selection of Statues, are available for gravestones with different finishes in white, silver & bronze. On some gravestones like the Gates of Heaven, the statue is part of the overall headstone design, however you can have any of our Memorial Statues incorporated to your design if required.

Etched portraits and Ceramic Photographs

A portrait of your loved one can also be added to your memorial. These are usually positioned beside the persons name. Our new Ceramic Photos are now available with beautiful decorative designs in all sizes or you can have your Photos on Granite etched directly to your headstone or memorial for a truly unique portrait of your loved one.

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