Ceramic Photos for Headstones

“A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever.”

Ceramic Photos for Headstones

Ceramic photos for headstones are a beautiful and treasured reminder of our loved one’s gone before us. In particular, a gravestone portrait allows current and future generations to visually see and remember their loved one. With this in mind, our exclusive range of ceramic photographs for monuments will provide you with an everlasting memory to be admired for generations to come. In the event that you can’t find what you need, email glen@treanorstone.com for help and advice.
Memorial Photo Ideas and Pictures for Gravestones

Choosing Pictures for Headstones

When selecting your pictures for headstones it must be remembered, the better your photograph quality, the better your tombstone photo plaques become. For this reason, try to choose an image of your loved one that’s a good size and without pixelation. Nowadays, the best memorial photo ideas are usually found on smartphones. When selecting an image from your phone, make sure its high in resolution for better results. Above all, whenever we receive your photograph our design team will edit it as per your requirements. Simply let us know in the special requests area what you need to be done and a preview of your porcelain gravestone photo will be sent for your approval.

Memorial Photo Ideas & Backgrounds

It’s important to realise, the background of the image you choose can be modified if requested. As can be seen, most of our cameo pictures for tombstones are displayed with an elegant leaf background. Although the background is an important part of porcelain portraits, the main focus of attention is always the portrait itself. With this in mind, the best memorial photo ideas have a subtle background image which doesn’t distract from your loved one. In order to have a new backdrop on your gravestone portrait, upload it along with your loved one’s photo. Or alternatively, tell us what you require in the special requests area, and a preview will be sent for your confirmation.

Select a Gravestone Portrait and upload a Photo

100% weatherproof with a lifetime guarantee our ceramic photos for headstones are easy to install with sealant fix and installation guide included. After your purchase, a preview is sent for your confirmation. UK and Ireland 14-day delivery time. USA, Canada and other countries 18-day delivery.

Oval Ceramic Photos for Headstones

Oval Ceramic Photos

Oval porcelain gravestone photos are available in five popular sizes. Choose your preferred oval size and upload your loved one’s photograph. Our cameo ceramics can be purchased with a portrait or landscape view.

Oval picture ceramics from €100

Porcelain Gravestone Photo for father

Ceramic Gravestone Photo

Rectangular shaped tombstone photo plaques. Select one of five sizes, upload your photograph and let us know any special requests you have. Rectangular ceramics come in a landscape or portrait format.

Rectangular-shaped photos from €100

The best pictures for headstones with a lifetime guarantee

Memorial Picture Ideas

Our square shaped ceramic pictures for headstones come in four different sizes. Choose your preferred size, upload your loved one’s photograph and let us know any other important requests you have.

Square-shaped photos from €100

Cameo tombstone photo plaques

Cameo Headstone Portrait

Cameo pictures for tombstones are circular in shape and can be designed with your preferred background image if needed. Choose from five popular round picture sizes and upload your loved one’s portrait.

Rond-shaped photographs from €100

Heart Tombstone Photo Plaques

Ceramic Heart Photo

Heart-shaped ceramic photographs for monuments represent friendship, devotion and enduring love. Our porcelain heart ornaments are available in 5 sizes to best suit your decedent’s headstone memorial.

Heart-shaped ceramics from €100

Porcelain Portraits for Late Mum and Dad

Mum & Dad Ceramic Hearts

Mum and Dad Hearts symbolising the love and affection shared between two parents during their lifetime. Each Gravestone portrait can be positioned on your headstone further apart or close together, as displayed.

Both heart ceramics from €260

Heart Shaped Tombstone photo plaques

Triple Heart Photo Ceramics

Memorial photo ideas like our triple hearts can be used to commemorate one or two people. The middle ceramic is ideally suited for a short verse or your loved one’s name and dates. Choose your own background image.

Triple heart photographs from €350

The best ceramic photos for headstones with a lifetime guarantee

Fuoco Gravestone Portrait

Our aptly named Fuoco (flame) pictures for headstones will keep the flames of the memory of your loved one forever burning in your heart. This Italian-designed porcelain comes in three exclusive designs and two sizes.

Fuoco porcelain memorials from €175

Porcelain Gravestone Photo for a wife or mother

Acqua Ceramic Portrait

Our Acqua ceramic photos for headstones come in 3 designs and 2 sizes. Background image colour schemes are elegantly adapted to the outer embossed area. Upload your own preferred background along with your photo.

Acqua memorial photographs from €175

Oval Gravestone Portrait with leaf

Fogila Cameo Portrait

Fogila cameo pictures for tombstones have an embossed leaf gracefully adorning the porcelain. This symbol of hope and rebirth fills us with the promise that death is not the end, but rather another step on the journey of life.

Cameo portrait with leaf from €210

Cameo Pictures for Tombstones with Roses

Rosa Headstone Photo

Our Rosa porcelain portraits encapsulate your loved one’s portrait within an embossed oval border. Decorated with two roses symbolising gratitude, appreciation and admiration this exclusive design will be admired forever.

Headstone photo with roses from €210

Ceramic Photos for Headstones New Design 2021

Calla Memorial Photo

Calla porcelain photographs for gravestones come in 3 designs and 2 sizes. The elegantly embossed oval can be purchased with a plain or marbelized effect, while your loved one’s photo is adapted with a plain background.

Calla memorial photographs from €210

Timeless Tombstone Photo Plaques since 1979

Treanor Stone-Tec Ltd has been providing quality porcelain portraits for over 42 years. Made from the finest Italian ceramics, our cameo pictures for tombstones will not fade or discolour over time and come with a lifetime guarantee. In addition, memorial photo ideas like our pictures for headstones are easily installed with a special adhesive and fixing guidelines included.

Italian-Made Ceramic Photographs for Monuments

Hand-made from Italian ceramic our pictures for headstones are prized for their beauty and durability. For many decades now, memorial photo ideas like our ceramic photographs for monuments have been a trademark that symbolizes leadership in design, quality and longevity. In light of this, more and more people from around the world seek this long-established mark of excellence for their loved one’s gravestone portrait. What’s more, because our tombstone photo plaques are manufactured on Italian soil, they display the prestigious “ceramics of Italy” mark of origin. Therefore, making our Italian memorials the most sought after ceramic photos for headstones on the market today.

How much do Porcelain Gravestone Photos cost?

As can be seen our ceramic photographs for monuments are available in a variety of sizes and designs. By and large, a standard porcelain gravestone photo such as an oval or rectangle will cost less than a more elaborate design. By the same token, the bigger your tombstone photo plaques, the more expensive they become. For example, a small oval ceramic photo costs €100, while the same gravestone portrait in extra-large costs €200. Memorial photo ideas such as our Aqua and Fogila pictures for headstones cost more due to their additional decorative designs. To that end, all cameo pictures for tombstones are fully guaranteed and come with adhesive and instructions for fixing.

Gravestone Portrait Made in Italy

The Best Cameo Pictures for Tombstones

In recent years porcelain portraits have become unprecedentedly popular due to their durability over time. For instance, a porcelain gravestone photo is designed to withstand all weather extremes, including ultraviolet radiation. Together with their weatherproof qualities and immaculate gloss finish, our ceramic photographs for monuments are guaranteed to repel all outdoor elements. While keeping your porcelain portraits colour continually vibrant with no fading occurring. Given these points, our cameo pictures for headstones make the best memorial photo ideas for a loved one’s gravestone portrait. Above all, our tombstone photo plaques come with a lifetime guarantee.

How to put Porcelain Portraits on Headstones?

As has been noted, sealant fix and an installation guide are included with all our tombstone photo plaques. However, you will also require some masking tape, a little water and a cloth or tissue paper to install your porcelain gravestone photo.

In order to fix your gravestone portrait, the headstone needs to be moisture-free. For this reason, always select a sunny day when the sun’s heat will have dried up any dampness on the stone.  With this in mind, the following steps will ensure a safe and secure installation process for our ceramic photographs for monuments.


  • Clean and dry the area you intend securing your porcelain gravestone photo too.
  • Cut 4 small pieces of masking tape. Then holding your ceramic in the correct location, position the tape around the outside of the ceramic. As a result, you will now have an exact placement for your photo.
  • Remove the backing from the sticky tape on the rear of the ceramic. Then, distribute an even amount of sealant fix around the back of your tombstones photo plaques outer perimeter.
  • At this instant, pictures for headstones should then be firmly placed in position. Making sure the sealant fix squeezes out around the porcelain portraits outer perimeter. As well as creating a lasting grip, the sealant seals our cameo pictures for tombstones so no moisture gets inside.
  • Remove the masking tape applied at the beginning. Then, using a damp cloth or tissue paper gently remove any access sealant from your headstone and the porcelain portraits outer perimeter. An alcohol-based liquid can also be used to remove any access sealant if needed.
  • Finally, and most importantly, once fixed in position, our ceramic photos for monuments will remain permanently secured to your gravestone. However, it must be remembered that sealant usually takes 24 hours to set. In light of this, do not touch your porcelain gravestone photo until the sealant has fully cured.
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