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Book Headstones

Our book headstones are a contemporary gravestone design, cut and polished from solid granite in the form of an open book. As can be seen, the headstone surrounds with two matching granite pillars and a tapered roof can be added to any of our memorials books. Headstone inscriptions can be engraved to either page of the book along with a variety of ceramic photos for headstones, which complement this particular gravestone design very well. Matching book-shaped memorial plaques can also be purchased with your own personalization and placed beside your gravestone if required. In order to receive a quotation for any of our book tombstones simply complete our headstone prices contact form at the bottom of the page or call a member of our staff for more information.

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Engraving Memorial Books

Although book tombstones can be used to pay tribute to one individual person, they are generally memorialized for two or more people. For example, a father and mother’s inscription along with a photograph for each parent fits very comfortably on our memorial books. With this in mind, each parent would have their own commemoration on a page. Subsequently, a headstone epitaph or memorial verse for both parents can be inscribed on the sub-base below the book. By comparison, if the gravestone is for a single person then a memorial poem or a gravestone cross can be engraved on the opposite page. Given these points, just let us know what your requirements are and our experienced sales team will help and advise you based on your needs.

Book Gravestone. Ref: BH1

Book Gravestone

Colour: Bahama Blue. Size: 40 x 42″. Reference: BH1

Surround for Books. Ref: BH2

Surround for Books

Colour: Bahama Blue. Size: 54 x 54″. Reference: BH2

Book Headstone Symbolism

Unlike the majority of traditional gravestones, book tombstones are uniquely shaped in the form of an open book. As a result, this contemporary headstone design consists of two open scroll pages with a hand-carved tassel usually carved down the center. By and large, the symbolic meaning of gravestone books can represent many devotions the deceased may have had an affinity for during their lifetime. The following are but just a few examples of career or hobbies departed loved ones may have had an affinity for:

  • Reading or writing
  • Bookseller or publisher
  • Great knowledge of a particular subject
  • Prayer or reading scripture
Surround for Books. Ref: BH3

Surround for Books

Colour: Premium Black. Size: 54 x 54″. Reference: BH3

Gravestone Books. Ref: BH4

Book Gravestone

Colour: Premium Black. Size: 40 x 42″. Reference: BH4

The Book of Life

In general, an open book gravestone symbolizes the book of life. In this book, God holds the names of every person who is destined for Heaven or the world to come. For instance, in revelation, the book of life is described as “a book from which believers will never be removed” (Rev 3:5). So we can take comfort in knowing the salvation of our loved ones is secure and their eternity is with Christ.

Book Gravestone. Ref: BH5

Book Gravestone

Colour: Aurora Granite. Size: 40 x 42″. Reference: BH5

Surround for Books. BH6

Surround for Books

Colour: Aurora Granite. Size: 54 x 54″. Reference: BH6

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