“Those who in living fill the smallest space, In death have often left the greatest void”

“W.S. Landor (1775-1864)

Choosing a headstone to remember your loved one

There are so many choices in colour, design and wording. So where does one begin in selecting a headstone? Gravestones and grave plaques play an important part of how we  grieve, remember and celebrate our loved one’s life. With your insight and our guiding hand, we can bring those precious memories to life and together help celebrate a life well lived, with a timeless tribute carved from stone.

In a way we don’t really sell gravestones at all…  we just give shape and form to a family’s love.

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We have divided our headstones into nine distinctive categories. Our gravestones are available in various granite colors and sizes can be altered to meet your needs. Similarly, sacred images, statues, ceramic photos for headstones, and headstone inscriptions can be uniquely personalized upon request. Simply select your preferred model and fill out our headstone prices contact form to receive your free quote.

Hand-Carved Angels

Angels carved from stone

Book Memorials

Book shaped gravestones

Children's Headstone

Gravestones for young children

Contemporary Tombstones

Modern and present day memorials

The Gates of Heaven

Complemented with a variety of statues

Headstone Scrolls

Page scroll shaped memorials

Irish Gravestones

Celtic cross & Irish style memorials

Rustic Tombstone

Naturally rough cut memorials

Traditional Gravestone

Traditional Irish cemetery memorials

Choosing a Headstone

Choosing a gravestone is an important part of commemorating those who in life were most precious to us. In truth, tombstones are the final life ritual, a forever reminder of those gone before us. Understanding cemetery regulations and having some knowledge about selecting an appropriate memorial are important factors to consider before purchasing. To help make the process easier we have put together some key points to consider when ordering a gravestone:

How long do you wait before putting up a headstone?

When can you erect a headstone?

There is no designated time limit or protocol in place as to when you should erect a gravestone. For instance, lawn cemeteries facilitate a tombstone to be erected immediately if needed. In a similar fashion, if you require a matching surround this can also be erected at any time.

For the most part, the surrounding work is carried out around the outer perimeter of the grave which does not affect the burial plot. However, it is advisable that the grave is not cemented inside until the ground settles.

With this in mind, a timescale of two to four months is advisable prior to choosing a tombstone. Ultimately, this allows the burial plot to settle before work is carried out on the inside of the grave.

Alternatively, grave accessories such as memorial plaques and grave flower vases can be personalized with your loved ones’ names and placed by the graveside at any stage after a burial. Such items can then be placed on the gave after its completion.


Do you need permission to put a headstone on a grave in Ireland?

Do I need permission from Cemetery Authorities?

Cemeteries are either owned by the local Parish or by County Council authorities. In any event, permission must be granted before selecting a tombstone or before any work to the grave commences.

Additionally, most cemeteries have specific limitations on what can and can’t be erected within the confines of their grounds. For example, there may be certain height and grave surround limitations that will need to be adhered to. In the event that a permit is needed, your headstone supplier will apply for this on your behalf.

Consequently, the cemetery authorities may or may not require a small fee for their services. As soon as permission is granted work can then proceed on erecting your memorial.


How long does it take to install a headstone after purchasing?

How long does it take to erect a gravestone after ordering?

Once the relevant permission has been granted, your gravestone order can then proceed. Normally, depending on the availability of material our Irish gravestones will be erected within 3 to 4 weeks (weather permitting).

People also choose certain times of the year to erect tombstones. For example, the blessing of the graves ceremonies, anniversaries, birthdays, and religious holidays. All things considered, it would be advisable to allow as much time as possible particularly if you require your memorial completed for a certain date.

Additionally, large urbanized areas such as Dublin or Cork usually have a longer lead-time for erecting gravestones, It’s also important to remember that the summertime is the busiest time for monumental stonemasons, especially in well-populated areas, 

choosing fonts and photos for headstones in Ireland

Can I choose fonts, images and photos for the Gravestone?

When ordering your tombstone we take all relevant information regarding your requirements. A real-time proof is then sent to you showing the complete layout of your personalized grave stone. To begin with, an extensive range of fonts and images are available to choose from.

What’s more, personal images or symbols can also be adapted to memorials if needed. Subsequently, if you require a memorial photograph please send us a copy of your preferred photo. Ceramic photos for headstones can take up to 4 weeks to complete, therefore please allow time for this process.

Alternatively, photographs can be laser engraved directly to the stone, examples of which can be seen in our contemporary headstones section. Finally and most importantly our staff will assist and advise you during each step of the process to help make what can be a difficult time a little easier.

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