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Headstone Prices Ireland

On balance, headstone prices can understandably vary depending on a number of factors. For example, some of the defining aspects which greatly affect headstone prices in Ireland include: cemetery protocol, headstone design, headstone engraving, and gravestone accessories


Cemetery Protocol

If your cemeteries protocol is to have a gravestone with a grave surround this will increase the price of headstones in Ireland. As well as digging and laying a concrete foundation for the headstone and matching surround, the inside of the grave will also need to be finished. In contrast, if your cemeteries protocol is only for a headstone and base then this will reduce the headstone cost. From time to time, all that may be required is to erect a headstone and base on an already existing foundation.


Headstone Design

In essence, headstones with carvings and statues increase the headstone cost when compared to their plainer counterparts. In like manner, the larger the headstone the more expensive it becomes. Thus, when comparing the price of headstones in Ireland always take into consideration the size of the actual grave stone. Subsequently, in regards to granite colours, a traditional grey granite is usually less expensive when compared to more popular contemporary coloured granites.


Headstone Engraving

By and large, the more inscriptions you need engraved on your grave stone the more the headstone prices will increase. However, the type of font you choose for the lettering does not usually affect the headstone cost. In a similar fashion, etched sacred images in stonegravestone crosses, or personalized images also increase headstone prices. On the positive side, a beautifully etched image alongside  elegantly engraved fonts can greatly enhance the look of a headstone. Therefore, it’s always best to see a proof before you decide.


Gravestone Accessories

In truth, headstone accessories are not usually taken into consideration when thinking about the cost of a headstone. At any rate, accessories like ceramic photos costing €150.00 each are a must-have for some families. Similarly, memorial plaquesgraveside flower vases, or solar lights for graves can cost anywhere from €150 to €400 depending on which type you choose. Finally, it’s important to realize that gravestone accessories are generally an additional element which can be added to your grave at a more convenient time.

Headstone Prices Ireland

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In order to find out the price of any particular headstone simply select your preferred headstones from our gallery. After that, complete our headstone prices Ireland contact form to receive gravestone prices for any memorials erected in your cemetery.

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FAQ Headstone Cost

It must be remembered that no two headstones are alike. Each headstone is personalized for you and in keeping with your cemetery regulations. In light of this, the below prices are only used as a guideline for headstone prices.

What is the average price for a headstone in Ireland?

In order to calculate the average price for a headstone in Ireland, we have selected a commonly used gravestone. As can be seen, this traditional headstone is made from Black Granite and has an overall size of 39” x 40”. By and large, the headstone is in keeping with Irish cemetery regulations in regards to size, colour and design. In this situation, the following are the headstone prices including one inscription and one image as displayed.

  • Top9 Headstone and base: €1,050.00
  • Top9 Headstone and base with lawn base: €1,350.00
  • Top9 Headstone and base with matching single plot grave surround: €1,750.00
  • Top9 Headstone and base with matching three plot grave surround: €2,050.00

Please note: The above headstone prices do not include installation. In like manner, if you require a grave surround the above prices not include finishing the inside of the grave plot. Headstone installation costs will undeniably vary depending on your grave size and whether or not you need a foundation to build the memorial on.


How much does it cost to install a headstone in Ireland?

Ultimately, the cost to install a gravestone in Ireland depends on two major factors. Firstly, if your cemetery regulations only require a headstone and base then this will be less expensive to install. And secondly, if your cemetery regulations require a gravestone with a grave surround this will increase the headstone installation cost. In light of this, the following prices will help you determine how much it costs to install a headstone in Ireland.

  • To install a Top9 headstone and base (including lawn base if required): €350.00
  • To install a Top9 headstone and base with a single plot grave surround: €650.00
  • To install a Top9 headstone and base with a single plot grave surround, to level the inside of the grave and finish with polished pebbles: €950.00

Please note: The above installation costs include digging and laying a concrete foundation with reinforced steel to build the memorial on. In addition, if your plot is not level some further costs may also be involved for building work. By the same token, a larger grave plot size will result in more installation costs. Given these points, if your cemetery already has a foundation in place the headstone installation price will undoubtedly be much less.

How much does it cost to engrave a headstone?

In general, the majority of headstone engraving takes place before the memorial is erected in your cemetery. At this time, the cost to engrave a headstone will be inexpensive when compared to adding an inscription when the headstone is already erected. To clarify, we have selected a plain headstone with one inscription, i.e. the person’s name, address, date of death, and age. With this in mind, the following are the costs to engrave this headstone:

  • To engrave the inscriptions as displayed: €200.00
  • To engrave the rose as displayed: €100.00
  • To engrave an additional inscription in your cemetery: €350.00
  • To engrave the rose in your cemetery: €200.00

Please note: Depending upon your location headstone prices for additional inscriptions may vary. For the most part, an additional inscription is engraved for one person. However, if two people need to be added this may take more time affecting the cost of the inscription. It is also important to realize that more intricate images take a longer time to engrave which will also result in adding to the headstone cost.

How much are headstones with pictures?

To begin with, there are two ways to add a picture to a headstone. In the first place, the picture can be etched or laser engraved directly to the granite. As can be seen, a young man with a guitar is laser etched to our headstone creating an almost life-like resemblance. However, this process can only take place before the headstone is erected in your cemetery. In the second place, your loved one’s photograph can be adapted to ceramic photos and then fixed to the gravestone. In any event, the following are an indication of headstone prices with pictures:

  • Large laser engraved image as displayed: €350.00
  • Small laser engraved image: €200.00
  • 5” x 4” standard oval ceramic photo: €75.00

Please note: In order to create a high-quality laser image the photo you supply needs to be high resolution. What’s more, all photo editing is included in the laser engraved prices. In the event that your photograph’s quality is a little poor, then we recommend adding a ceramic photo.  As well as the standard oval, ceramic photos come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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