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Graveside Lanterns

Graveside Lanterns


  • 9V battery included lasts for six months.
  • Battery light radiates red flickering light.
  • Personalise with your own inscriptions.
  • Available in four popular granite colours.
  • Size: 15″ x 7″ x 7″. Weight: 13KG.
  • UK & Ireland 5 day delivery. Others 10 days.

Graveside Lanterns

As can be seen, our elegantly designed graveside lanterns are available in four granite colours. In particular, a matching granite block with your loved one’s name and dates is securely fixed to our graveside lights. As well as being an ideal place for wording, this granite block also gives our graveside lamps an added elevation. For that reason, each memorial lantern for cemetery becomes relatively dirt-free and easy to keep clean.

By the same token, having your marble grave lanterns personalised with your loved one’s name keeps your lights for graves safe from a security viewpoint. With this intension, our graveside night lights come complete with personalised granite blocks securely fixed to their base. Therefore, offering you peace of mind that your graveside memorial lanterns rest safely while positioned by your loved one’s graveside.

Battery operated lights for graves

As has been noted, our graveside night lights are fully battery-powered. Without reservation, battery operated lights for graves such as our graveside lanterns make the best outdoor lights for graves, especially for Irish and UK weather climates. For one thing, our battery operated lights for graves run uninterrupted for 24 weeks. Equally important, the flickering red light our graveside lamps radiate is bright enough to be seen 100 meters away.

Compared to solar lights for gravesite, our graveside memorial lanterns do not rely on the sun to power them. By the same token, battery operated lights for graves transmit a superior light when compared to solar lights and are virtually maintenance-free. Above all, this memorial lantern for cemetery will run continually for 6 months on one 9V alkaline battery costing only €5.00.

Advantages of battery-powered graveside lamps

  • Marble grave lanterns operate on a single battery for 6 months.
  • Compared to solar lights, lamps with batteries are less expensive.
  • Battery grave lamps transmit a brighter light compared to solar.
  • Battery operated lights for graves are virtually maintenance-free.

Disadvantages of battery lights for graves

  • After 6 months your battery will need to be replaced.
  • A new alkaline battery costs €5.00

All in all, the advantages of battery eternal lights for graves greatly surpass their disadvantages. Additionally, each memorial lantern for cemetery comes with a lifetime guarantee. Given these points, our graveside night lights are guaranteed to serve as a timeless memorial, keeping your loved one’s resting place brightly illuminated, by day and by night.

Graveside memorial lanterns – Guarantee

It’s important to realise, our lights for graves come with a lifetime guarantee. While this may be true, our guarantee includes everything except the actual flickering battery light. In essence, the flickering light can be easily removed from our marble grave lanterns and replaced with a new one, if needed. In any case, a new replacement only costs €50 and can be easily reinstated inside our graveside memorial lanterns.

On the positive side, our eternal lights for graves are constructed from polished granite with a glass housing, making them ideal graveside lamps for cemetery use. Additionally, your loved one’s name with dates is engraved and painted with weather-resistant paints. Together with an enclosed housing for the flickering light and a solid granite construction, your memorial lantern for cemetery is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Keys aspects of granite grave lanterns guarantee.

  • Graveside night lights come with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Inscriptions are engraved with weather-resistant paint.
  • The lamp section is kept clean due to the elevated granite block.
  • The flickering battery light (€50) is not included in the guarantee.

Marble grave lanterns – aftercare

Above all, our graveside lanterns will require little or no maintenance to keep them in prime condition. Because each memorial lantern for cemetery is made from polished granite and glass, any dirt can be easily wiped away by using a damp cloth. When compared to solar lights for gravesite, our battery operated lights for graves are practically maintenance-free. Provided that the flickering light is kept inside the glass housing with its door closed it will remain safe and free from the outdoor elements.

In fact, along with our candle light for cemetery, our marble grave lanterns make ideal graveside lamps for outdoor use and are guaranteed to stand the test of time. In order to clean our graveside memorial lanterns, first, remove the battery light, then using some warm soapy water, gently wipe away any dirt or impurities. As well as soapy water, some mild household cleaners can also be used to clean our graveside night lights, if preferred. Please use chemical, acidic and bleach-free cleaning products for best results.

Graveside lights shipping

As soon as our graveside lamps are completed they are then swiftly delivered to your address. No matter where in the world you are from shipping your graveside lights is fast and reliable to your destination. Additionally, our graveside memorial lanterns are carefully packed in corrugated boxes and insured for their journey. In particular, the battery-powered graveside night lights section is packed in a separate box, keeping it and our marble grave lanterns free from any harm.

What’s more, a candle light for cemetery, which is more prone to damage has an added layer of special packing for their delivery. Given these points, it’s important to remember our battery operated lights for graves will be hand-delivered to your front door in perfect working order.

Delivery times

  • Ireland & UK: 5 working days
  • USA, CAN, EUR: 10 working days
  • AUS & N.Z: 15 working days

Delivery Prices:

  • Ireland: €35
  • United Kingdom: £32
  • United States: $118
  • Canada: $155
  • Europe: €100
  • Australia: $180
  • New Zealand: $196

Returning graveside night lights

In the event that you are not satisfied with our graveside memorial lanterns please contact us without delay. In detail, please explain the reason for your return and if possible send a photo of any damage or defects on our graveside night lights. In the final analysis, you will be asked to return our marble grave lanterns within 14 days from the date you received our lights for graves.

In any event, whenever you return our graveside lamps a full refund will then be issued to your account. In this situation, please remember it may take anywhere from 2 to 5 days before the payment transfer is completed. For more info on returning your memorial lantern for cemetery please see our delivery and returns, or call a member of staff for any additional queries.


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