Grave Accessories and Things to Put on a Grave

Personalised Gifts for Graves in Ireland and the UK

What do you put on a grave?

As well as saying a prayer when vising a loved one’s graveside, you may wish to leave something as a gift, or a token that you are thinking of them. In particular, grave accessories such as lights for graves, or a graveside flower vase with flowers are by far the most popular things to put on a grave. In a similar fashion, other popular things to put on a gravesite like memorial statues and memorial plaques for graves are also commonly used gravestone accessories.

By the same token, photos for headstones that can be added to any of the above-mentioned gravesite accessories are also appropriate things to put on a grave. For example, an oval ceramic photo can either in fixed alongside your loved one’s headstone inscription, or it can be incorporated into your preferred grave accessories. In either case, personalised gifts for graves with photographs are fitting commemoration for your loved one’s place of rest.

However, it’s important to remember that each cemetery has its own regulations on what may or may not be classed as appropriate gravesite accessories. Therefore, it’s always best to check with your cemetery authorities as to which things to put by a grave are allowed before purchasing your personalised gifts for graves. In particular, when referring to gravestone accessories the following are the most popular things to put on a gravesite.

5 Most Popular things to Put on a Grave


1. Memorial Plaques

Memorial plaques for Graves

2. Lights for Graves

Lights for Graves

3. Graveside Flower Vases

Graveside flower vases

4. Memorial Statues

Memorial Statues

5. Photos for Headstones

Photos for headstones

Things to put by a grave
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