Friendship Memorial Heart

Friendship Memorial Heart


  • Personalise with your own inscriptions.
  • Available in 2 sizes and 4 granite colours.
  • Small: 10” x 10”. Medium: 14” x 14”.
  • Freestanding, with a stand secured to back.
  • A proof is sent for your approval after order.
  • UK & Ireland 5 day delivery. Others 10 days.
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Friendship memorial heart plaque

As shown above, our friendship memorial heart is available in a small and medium-size. In addition, our granite heart-shaped memorials come in 4 elegant colours. What’s more, friendship remembrance gifts are freestanding with a stand secured to the back. Therefore, allowing our memorial for friends to rest safely when placed by your friend’s graveside. Not to mention, each companionship heart plaque is all-weather resistant and comes with a lifetime guarantee. And finally, it’s important to realize, your plaque can be personalised with your own best friend memorial quotes and names.

Small Heart:

  • Size: 10” x 10”
  • Weight: 8KG

Medium Heart:

  • Size: 14” x 14”
  • Weight: 10KG

Angelic friendship symbol

As can be seen, our companionship heart plaque has an angelic friendship symbol engraved beneath your best friend memorial quotes. This symbol denotes the idea that each person has an eternal God expression inside them. To put it another way, when we make friends, we honour the divine qualities within that person. While at the same time, reflecting our own divine characteristics back to us. With this in mind, our friendship memorial heart with its angelic friendship symbol displays a heavenly connection between friends, both living and deceased. Together with your own best friend memorial quotes our friendship remembrance gifts encompass a greater meaning which is not always recognizable at first glance.

Best friend memorial quotes

In general, our memorials for friends are engraved with a short 2 to 4 line memorial poem for friend. When personalised with your own wording, short best friend memorial quotes will fit best on our granite heart-shaped memorials. As well as memorial verses, we recommend adding your deceased friend’s name along with your own and other friend’s names. Above all, your inscriptions are professionally engraved using a script font and hand-painted with weather-resistant paint. Therefore, making our friendship remembrance gifts ideal for outdoor use. In order to add your inscriptions simply enter your preferred wording in the area provided. Afterwards, a proof of your companionship heart plaque will be sent to you for approval.

Friendship remembrance gifts – Guarantee

Above all, our friendship memorial heart plaque is hand-made from granite. Additionally, your best friend memorial quotes and angelic friendship symbol are engraved and painted with weather-resistant paint. As a result, our granite heart-shaped memorials are a lifelong tribute which will be admired for many generations. With this in mind, the following are some key points regarding the guarantee for our memorials for friends.

  • Friendship remembrance gifts are 100% UV and all-weather resistant.
  • Each granite colour maintains its highly polished finish.
  • Inscriptions and angelic friendship symbol keep their vibrant colour.
  • Granite stand at the back of the plaque is 100% securely fixed.
  • Companionship heart plaque comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Companionship heart plaque – Aftercare

By and large, our granite heart-shaped memorials will require little or no maintenance to keep them in prime condition. Because our memorials for friends are made from polished granite, they are all-weather resistant. Therefore, the outdoor elements can be easily cleaned from their surface. Compared to marble, slate and other like materials, your plaque with angelic friendship symbol will not fade, nor will it gather algae due to its highly polished surface. In order to clean your plaque, we recommended using a damp white cloth to wipe away any access dirt.

100% money-back guarantee

In order to offer you complete peace of mind before purchasing we have a 100% money-back guarantee with our memorials for friends. Therefore, if for any reason you are not completely happy with your companionship heart plaque we will refund you 100% of your money back – no questions asked. With complete customer support, we are here to make sure you are entirely satisfied with our memorial plaques for graves and shopping experience with us. For more information on our guarantee for granite heart-shaped memorials send us a message or give us a call.

Memorials for friends – Shipping

Together with a modern manufacturing facility and a highly skilled design team, your order will be produced without delay. Whenever your friendship grave plaque is completed it is then carefully packed for shipping. No matter where in the world you live shipping your companionship heart plaque is fast and reliable from our door to yours. As soon as our friendship remembrance gifts are shipped you will receive a step by step tracking number to follow your package. Given these points please see below delivery times and costs for our plaques with best friend memorial quotes.

Delivery times for your destination

  • Ireland & UK: 5 working days
  • USA, CAN, EUR: 10 working days
  • AUS & N.Z: 15 working days

Delivery prices for each plaque size


  • Ireland: €25
  • The UK: £23
  • The USA: $100
  • Canada: $132
  • Europe: €85
  • Aus: $156
  • New Z: $170


  • Ireland: €30
  • The UK: £27
  • The USA: $106
  • Canada: $140
  • Europe: €90
  • Aus: $165
  • New Z: $178

Granite heart-shaped memorials – Returns

In the event that you are not completely satisfied with our friendship remembrance gifts please let us know. What’s more, if our memorials for friends with angelic friendship symbol has been damaged upon arrival please let us know also. Afterwards, you will be asked to return the item back to us within the next 14 days. In any event, once we receive your return a refund will then be issued to your account. Please see our delivery and returns for more information on returning granite heart-shaped memorials.


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