Rosa Headstone Photo

Ceramic Photographs 100% UV and All-Weatherproof

Rosa Headstone Photo


  • Personalize with your own photograph.
  • Easy to install with sealant-fix included.
  • Available in 2 sizes and 2 designs.
  • A preview is sent for approval after order.
  • UK and Ireland 14 day delivery time.
  • USA, Canada and others 18 day delivery.
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Rosa headstone photo

Our Italian designed Rosa headstone photo encapsulates the portrait of your loved one within an embossed oval border. While two pink roses with foliage gracefully decorate the memorial photo for gravestones. Significantly, the two pink coloured roses symbolize gratitude, appreciation and admiration. As well as signifying a strong bond between two people. Together with its weatherproof qualities and immaculate high gloss finish, our porcelain memorial photographs capture a memory that will be cherished for many generations to come.

Sizes for porcelain memorial photographs

As can be seen, our porcelain pictures for headstones are available in two popular sizes. In light of this, the following points should be taken into consideration before purchasing:

  • Medium Rosa: Generally used on most memorials such as grave markers and headstones.
  • X Large Rosa: Mostly used on larger memorials or gravestones with more free space.

Even though you may have a good idea which size you need we advise all our customers to measure their ceramic photos for headstones before purchasing. For that reason, you will have peace of mind knowing your cameo memorial will fit comfortably when placed in position.

Photograph background

As can be seen, the memorial photo for gravestones is displayed with a plain background. For the purpose of highlighting the embossed outer border this particular design best suits a neutral background. Therefore, on receiving your loved one’s image we recommend removing its background as shown above. After our design team have edited your image accordingly you will then receive a preview of your finished porcelain pictures for headstones. That is to say, your order will commence only when you are happy with your porcelain memorial photographs.

Memorial photo for gravestones – Guarantee

Above all, our porcelain memorial photographs are made to the highest of standards and come with our unique lifetime guarantee. The following are equally important aspects regarding your cameo memorial guarantee:

  • 100% UV and all-weather resistant
  • Maintains its immaculate high gloss finish
  • Keeps its vibrant colours with no fading occurring

Please note: It’s important to realize that our ceramic photos for headstones are suitable for all types of climates. Together with their weatherproof qualities and exquisite finish, our porcelain pictures for headstones are guaranteed to last for generations.

100% money-back guarantee

Purchasing on the internet can sometimes be a daunting task, so we want you to know there is absolutely zero risks involved when buying from us. Our company has 41 years’ experience in caring for and understanding our customer needs. For this reason, if you are not completely happy with your Rosa headstone photo we will refund you 100% of your money back, no questions asked. With a dedicated customer service, we’re here to make sure you’re entirely satisfied with our memorial photo for gravestones and your shopping experience with us.

How to fix a Rosa headstone photo

  • Firstly, clean and dry the area you intend positioning the porcelain on. In order to make sure your memorial photo for gravestones remains securely in position, the headstone needs to be moisture-free. Therefore, we advise securing the porcelain on a sunny day. Thus, allowing the sun’s heat to dry up any dampness on your gravestone.
  • Secondly, position your cameo memorial on the area you intend to attach it too. At this point, cut four small pieces of tape and position them around the outside of the porcelain. After that, remove the porcelain leaving the tape in position. As a result, you will now have a perfect placement for our porcelain memorial photographs.
  • Thirdly, remove the backing from the sticky tape on the rear of the porcelain. Afterwards, distribute an even amount of sealant fix around the porcelains back outer perimeter. At this instant, firmly place your cameo memorial in position making sure the sealant fix oozes out around the outside. As well as creating a permanent bond, the sealant fix seals the porcelain so no moisture can permeate inwards.

Most Important: If you are using your own sealant make sure it’s a low modulus version as some high modulus silicones/sealants have been known to stain certain granites and marbles.

  • Fourthly, remove the four pieces of tape you applied at the outset. Then, using a damp cloth or damp tissue paper gently remove any access sealant from the porcelain and the surrounding stone. Depending on which type of sealant you use, an alcohol-based liquid can also be used to help remove any access sealant.

Equally Important: Do not use any sharp or metal objects to remove any access sealant as these may damage the ceramic if they come into contact with it.

  • Finally and most importantly, once installed correctly in position, our porcelain pictures for headstones will stay permanently attached to your memorial. However, it must be remembered that most sealants take 24 hours to set properly. In light of this, try not to handle the Rosa grave memorial until the sealant has fully cured.

For more detailed instructions on how to install ceramic photos for headstones, you can follow our step by step process with detailed diagrams. Subsequently, if you need more advice or help to install your cameo memorial do not hesitate to contact us.


Porcelain pictures for headstones – Shipping

Ordering is just a few clicks away and delivery is fast and reliable with step by step tracking from our door to yours. As soon as our memorial pictures for headstones are shipped, you will receive a step by step tracking number to follow your package. Given these points, please see below shipping costs and delivery times for your memorial photo for gravestones.

Delivery times

  • Ireland & UK: 14 working days
  • USA, CAN, EUR: 18 working days
  • AUS & N.Z: 18 working days

Delivery Prices:

Medium and X Large:

  • Ireland: €20
  • The UK: £18
  • The USA: $40
  • Canada: $55
  • Europe: €35
  • Australia: $55
  • New Zea: $65

Cameo memorial – Returns

In the event that you are not completely satisfied with our porcelain pictures for headstones please contact us without delay. Similarly, if our porcelain memorial photographs have been damaged upon arrival please let us know also. To that end, you will be asked to return your memorial photo for gravestones within 14 days. Provided that we receive your return within this timeframe, a full refund will then be issued to your account. Please see our delivery and returns for more info on returning your porcelain.


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