An exquisite memorial gift that is as thoughtful as it is timeless. Treanor Stone-tec offer an exclusive range of Memorial Plaques uniquely personalised to each individual customer. Our memorial plaques can be purchased online with a selection of images and Memorial Verses to choose from or you can have a plaque customized to your own specifications. Our plaques can be made from a wide variety of Granites and Marbles. In most cases the colour of your Plaque would match the colour of your Headstone. All plaques come with a stand fixed underneath so they rest at an angle when sitting on a grave. Memorial Plaques unlike Headstones are specifically intended to commemorate an individual person. Where as the main headstone commemorates all the people buried there. With this in mind a Memorial Plaque can represent a very personal portrail for the people they are intended for. Some of our most popular plaques are with Headstone Images, an image that depicts something about the deceased person makes it totally unique. An example of this could be an image of one of our many saints to whom the person may have had a special devotion to during their lives. Our newly designed Portrait Plaque Memorials make a truly beautiful and unique gift. These plaques display an etched portrait of your loved one with their name engraved on the base. Your portraits can be painted in colour if you wish or they can be black or white. The person’s actual signature can caved on the base if required or you can select one of our Fonts as shown here which really compliment the plaque. We have categorized our Memorial Plaques into different sections to make it easier for you to search for the memorial you require. Memorial Plaques for Mothers, Grandmothers, Fathers, Grandfathers, Brothers, Sisters and for Friends. As well as Portrait Plaques we also have a page dedicated to Childs Memorial Plaque and Memorial Prayer Plaques. You can see the two plaques shown here of The Face of Jesus and of Saint Patrick in Memorial Prayer Plaques with a selection of special Prayers engraved alongside each image.