Sacred Images in Stone by Treanor Stone-Tec

Sacred Images in Stone

We have displayed some popular images of Jesus, Our Lady and the Saints of the church. Any of these exclusive images can be etched to our gravestones and hand painted in color if needed. Our Sacred images in stone are etched into your memorial and will last a lifetime. More sacred images in stone are available upon request.

Christ on the Cross

The Divine Mercy

The Risen Christ

Our Lady of Medjugorje

Jesus with a crown of thorns

The Rosa Mystica

Blessed Mother Theresa

Our Lady of Lourdes

Saint John Paul II

Saint Padre Pio

Our Lady Holding Baby Jesus

Saint Patrick

Our Lady in Clouds

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Saint Patrick

Jesus and the Holy Spirit

Saint Anthony with the child Jesus

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Jesus and His Mother

Saint Therese of Lisieux

Our Lady of Guadolupe

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Our Lady holding the child Jesus

Padre Pio Holding Crucifix

Our Lady with Jesus

The Face of Jesus

Our Lady Queen of Heaven

Traditional Sacred Heart of Jesus

Michael Angelo’s Pieta

The Holy Family

Saint Joseph with Jesus

The Virgin Mary

Saint Anthony with Child Jesus

Saint Anthony of Padua

Christ wearing a crown of thorns

The Immaculate Heart of Mary

Our Lady, Baby Jesus & Holy Spirit

Immaculate Heart of Mary

Saint Francis of Assisi

Saint John Paul II

The Good Shepherd

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Saint Clelia Barbieri

The Virgin Mary – Miraculous Medal

Jesus with His Cross

Saint Patrick

Our Lady of Fatima

The Virgin Mary praying

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Jesus the good shepherd

Immaculate Heart of Mary

Native American Girl Portrait

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