Gravestone Crosses by Treanor Stone-Tec

Gravestone Crosses by Treanor Stone-Tec

Below we have displayed our own contemporary and traditional gravestone crosses. Any of these crosses can be adopted to our gravestones. Our headstone crosses can also complement our memorial plaques and grave ornaments and can be etched in any size you require. More gravestone crosses can be viewed upon request.

3D Cross with Dove

Plain Cross

Slim Celtic Cross

Our Lady with Jesus

Cross and wheat

The Holy Spirit

Plain Cross with Roses

Modern Cross with IHS

Our Lady with Jesus

Cross and sheaf of wheat

Small Celtic Cross

Saint Brigid’s Cross

3D Cross with Dove

Contemporary Cross & wheat

Celtic cross

Cross and flowers

cross & wheat with praying hands

Abstract Cross

Slim Cross & Rosary Beads

Jesus on the Cross

Modern Cross and Wheat

Small Celtic Cross

Small Cross & Rosary Beads

Gothic Style Cross

Cross with Flowers

Contemporary Cross

Cross & Rosary Beads

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