Angels in Stone by Treanor Stone-Tec

Angels in stone by Treanor Stone-Tec

Our exclusive images of angels can be etched to any of our gravestones and hand painted in color if needed. Our Angels in stone are etched into your memorial and will last a lifetime. All our images here can be adopted to childrens headstones or a childs memorials plaque. More Angels in stone are available upon request.

Heavenly Angel

Heavenly Angel with Gifts

Heavenly Angels with Music

Angel playing with bird

Angel playing guitar

An Angel praying

Angels playing Music

Archangel praying

Angel playing a violin

Contemporary Angel praying

Sleeping Angel

Contemporary Angel with star

Baby Angel on clouds

Heavenly Angel

Angel playing with rabbit

Angel Gabriel

Guardian Angel praying

Saint Michael the Archangel

Angels playing music

Angel with linen cloth

Angel playing with rabbit

Contemporary joyful Angel

Angel praying

Contemporary Angel

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