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Memorial Poems and Memorial Verses for a Friend

Memorial Poems and Verses for a Friend

His life earnest, his actions kind
A willing hand, an active mind
Anxious to please, loath to offend
A loving brother and faithful friend.
Im with you when times are good
To share a laugh or two
And if a tear should start to fall
...I'll still be there for you.
One thing we'll always cherish
No matter what life sends
A memory of the happiness
 Of us just being friends.
One by one, they go before us
They are fading like the dew
I know they are waiting for us
All the old gang and you.
We know the pain that drowns your soul
What you were forced to face
You have our word, We'll fill your arms
Some day we will embrace.
We miss her love and cheery ways
With her we spent our happiest days
In memory we see her the same
As long as we live we cherish her name.
Beyond the far horizon
When we'll finally be together
Where love will be eternal
and life will last forever.
I lost my best friend
 my dearest friend,
Dear (name)...
when I lost you.
It's just a little but means a lot
To say dear friend, I haven't forgot.

Our Commitment To You

Our commitment is to provide you with a memorial which best reflects the memory of your loved ones, and which gives you comfort at your time of loss. We provide a selection of Gravestones and Memorial Plaques that are as thoughtful as they are timeless. We hope our service can provide you with a fitting memory of a treasured life for today, tomorrow and all life through.

"Life passes. Eternity comes to meet us with great strides. Soon, we shall be living with the very life of Jesus. Having drunk deep at the source of all bitterness, we shall be deified in the very source of all joys, of all delights"-  St.Thérése of Lisieux 1873-97


  • "Dear Rachel and Jimmy,

    Re: Murray/Greenantombstones, Trinity graveyard.

    Thank you so much for your beautiful work.

    Many thanks"   Imelda Murray

  • "To Rachel and all the staff,

    Thank you so much for all your help and support. You made a very difficult time

    a little easier to bear by your constant sensitivity and understanding.

    Thanks again so so much" xx    Jimmy and Samantha

  • "Dear Rachel, Glen, Bernard, JImmy and all the team.

    Thank you"

    Theresa Guy

  • "To JImmy, Rachel and staff,

    Thank you for being so kind to my Mum, Kate McGivern

    on getting my Dad's headstone. Professional staff, well done"

    Elaine, Jason & Caoimhe McGivern